Rack Solutions for the Professional Breeder

Kreature Keeper™ Rat Rack

Available with 7 levels (with 21 trays) or 6 levels (with 18 trays), base frame and casters, water system with gravity reservoir, 7 attached food hoppers, sample of bedding & sample of rodent feed. (Please see bottom of page for Rat Breeding Information.)



KK200 Rat Complete Rack 7 Level (21 trays):

Price: $1949.00


KK201 6 Level (18 trays): $1749.00

KK210 Single Level: $314.00



15.5" 21.5" 7"
50" 21.5" 81.75"



Base, Frame, and Casters

KKBF-001 Small and Medium: $209.00


KKTR-001 Small Tray: $11.00

KKCB-30 Rat Medium Tray: $14.00

Water and Feed Accessories

KKFF-001 Feed Funnel: $40.00

KKPR-001 Pressure Regulator: $75.00

KKGR-001 Gravity Resoirvoir: $21.00

KKTC-001 Tee Connector: $.99 each

KKWT-001 Auto Water Tubing: $.49 per ft.

KKVA-001 Rodent Drinking Valve: $3.00

Rat Breeding Information:

Our rat racks can be used to breed rats using one of two different systems for producing rats.

System 1.

Our rat trays are large enough to house two to four females with one male in a colony situation.

System 2.

This is the system we use to produce rats and is much more effective than colony breeding rats. It is the most efficient in terms of space and use of the male rats. With this system it only takes one male rat for every twenty or more females. It is also very easy to monitor the production of each female breeder.

To use this system you will need approximately ten mouse trays for each rat tray.
A good set up would be four mouse complete racks for every one rat complete rack. A smaller set up would include six mouse levels with one rat level stacked on top. Our rat and mouse racks are stackable with each other.

The female breeders are placed in a rat tray, ten females per one male. Three weeks later the females are ready to be placed individually into ten mouse trays to have their litters. They are left in the mouse trays until whenever the liter is removed from the mother. The mothers are then rotated back into the rat trays with a male to be bred again. With this system a male will be breeding ten females while ten other females he bred are giving birth and rearing young in the mouse trays. Anytime a mature female fails to become pregnant after three weeks with a male, or produces an unacceptably small liter, she can be quickly culled. This system will result in maximum production.